The duo aside (Johann-Michael Schneider and Meriel Price) create contemporary music theatre.

They develop performances and compositions which are tailor made for each performance space, its location, its programme and its audience. Aside examines, deconstructs and challenges the expectations of each specific audience found in each specific venue.

The basis for aside is the concert stage in all its forms. They draw their material from that which is unintended, private, uncontrolled, uncomfortable, accidental, mistaken and attempts to be hidden. Aside enlarges and transforms this material. Alongside purely musical material this is an essential element of aside.

Aside thereby blurs the boundaries between performance and composition, between sophistication and diversion.

They work within the space that can open between what is intended and the outcome, between expectation, disappointment and fulfillment.

The premiere took place in April 2014, in the 150% Made in Hamburg Theater Festival at the Mojo Club and was kindly supported by The Rusch Stiftung, KKWV of the UdK, Berlin and KLANGZEITORT, the institute for new music of the UdK and HfM Hanns Eisler