New Music – Aside

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In New Music – Aside contemporary music compositions are combined with dramatic elements to create an evening which demonstrates the full theatrical potential of new music.

Aside uses video, electronics and light as an integral part of the music compositions and their dramatic impact. They explore the theatrical potential of these elements and are especially interested in moments when the technology fails.

Aside asks questions such as:

What contemporary music can be found in mistakes, misunderstandings, irritations and the unintended?

Which new perspectives can be gained on contemporary music when the presentation form is enhanced or contrasted with surprising elements from such diverse genres as cabaret, variety or even popular music?

What humourous potential is present in contemporary music when played with all seriousness?

In this programme, Aside demonstrates their prowess of a wide range of instruments including saxophone (accoustic and amplified with pedals), looper, viola, percussion, electronics, violin (modern, barock, electric and stroh), banjo and many more.

The programme combines existing contemporary repertoire with compositions that have been written specifically for this evening.